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Parents have no idea what its like
to be a teenager in this generation

I love the ground under his feet,                                                                                                       and the air over his head, and every-
                                                                                    thing he touches and every word
                                                                                    he says. i love all his looks, and all his
                                                                                    actions & him entirely & all together.



 because they were as they were.

I don't know how to let you go,
you're so deep down in my soul.

Third Mind Design is a group of visual enthusiasts from Dublin, Ireland which operates on the principle that three heads are better than one. Third Mind Design offer their services across a multiple of media such as:

·         Graphic Design, Graphic Print, Graphic editing, Graphic illustration  & Graphic Animation
·         Product development, Product Design, Product production & Product Samples
·         Web design, Web Copywriting, web Photography & web services
·         Interior Design, Interior Planning, Interior Fit-out & Interior Installation

Third Mind Design has worked with some of the biggest names such as Avis, Budget, Dublin Print Company, ISS & Payless to name just a few.
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It's cool. I'm not sweating it.
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

Every silver lining has a touch of grey.


Touch of Grey-Grateful Dead 

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               i'd be his,

  if he asKeD
I'm not about that drama
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