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What even makes a friend? 
someone who stays? 
I'd write you everyday and remind you how much I love you. 
would it change anything.
if you knew how much I wanted you back.   
would you let me come back home.
let me love you again. 
i miss you.
mommy and daddy issues keeping me awake again
so i'm hitting up my bestest friend.
mood up or down, he can decide.
i wanna switch my brain off
and just follow someone i love.

now backed in a corner
with those pretty eyes.
it's an obvious trap

but i like it like that.
he flashes that smile and
all my stress subsides.

think i'm gonna put him in charge.
just a naughty guy that gives me the butterflies.
don't know how i'd make it otherwise.

I keep dreaming of him. This time he was a side character, thankfully. But my concern for his wellbeing during the conflict in my dream was still overwhelming.
I'm sorry
I know she wasn't right too
But when will you stop it, Anu?
By sheer coincidence, the blouse bordering her plunging décolletage was exceedingly sheer, barely concealing her coincidences. 

The best defense against a cyber attack?  Deliver a swift, hard kick to the cyber's groin.

If you don't levitate for something, you'll stand for everything.

Life: a crime scene and its own evidence bag.
By definition, inside a time machine. – Response to question on job application: 'Where do you see yourself in five years?'
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