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so take me there: to the end of this conversation.
it starts in the same way, under the same circumstances. 
i'm lonely, you're lonely.
we don't check in until it's all a little too much.

Finally caving in as we burst at the seams.
"How are you? i miss you."
always precedes the trail of renewed confessions.

nothing's changed, we're both still the same.
you got a new comforter and i haven't seen those boxers before.
still wrapped around your finger.
still know you like the back of my hand.

when we run out of things to say time begins to flow differently.
the world mutes itself so i can hear your breathing.
we're just existing in the same space and it's grand.
we won't need to hear from eachother for another few weeks.
low maintenance, dependable and all for me.

you're my favourite human interaction.

If I were to disappear and stop talking to everyone, no one would even notice. I don't get phone calls or texts from anyone. People tell me they'll call me and they never do. Even if it's just "right after we get back from lunch". I get forgotten about easily I guess. I know that I'm just one person in the entire world... one tiny speck in the entire universe, but why do I feel like I have to wander through it alone? Why doesn't someone think about me and send me messages or even memes just to tell me they were thinking about me? When someone I think is a friend is having a rough time, I ALWAYS reach out.. no matter what and try to support them any way I can. I try to make sure they know that I'm always here if they wanna talk or do whatever to get their minds off of whatever is bothering them. And when I do, they always tell me they care about me too and that they will be there for me too, but they don't. They don't reach out. They don't text just to say hi. Why don't they check in on me? I just don't understand why I've been cursed. Cursed to love, cherish, and have empathy for everyone around me, yet I'm not even a blip on anyone's radar. Am I too weird? Am I mean? Do I say the wrong things? Am I too ugly or fat? Like, I just don't understand. I really don't understand why I always feel so alone. I try and try to make friends. I try to be someone's friend. It just never works out, and at this point.. it's been so long I'm not sure it ever will work out for me. I'm not going to hurt myself; I don't have the urge to. I just want to understand. I want to see me through someone else's eyes. I want to know what is so bland and so transparent about me that I am invisibile to basically the entire world. I just want to be found.. by a group of people who check in on me, care about me, and let me know they're thinking of me. A group of people that I can actually call friends.
Freedom is not free.  But if it consents to electronic monitoring, freedom may be released to home confinement.
Don't refer to employees as 'resources,' refer to them as people.  The word 'people' contains 3 less characters, which saves on data storage costs.
Refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind.
Refrain from wrong speeches. Not lying or gossiping about other people.
Refrain from the misuse of the senses.
Don't panic
Refrain from taking what is not given.
Refrain from taking life. Not killing any living beingšŸ˜’
I gave my life a free choice. Decision to not fight anyone.
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