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 so watch me collide
maybe you could kiss me, but you'll kill me
To be naïve is to be alaïve.
The joke isn't too soon, the tragedy is too late.
No more fairy tales. From now on, only fairy facts.
this is the hardest thing i've ever had to do. if i can overcome this i will love myself. maybe that's too much. i will at least have a newfound respect for myself. okay that's not true either. i respect myself already. hmm, i guess if i can overcome this, i will stop undermining myself a little less. if i can do this, then i may be able to do anything i set my mind to. if i can do this, then there's not much i can't do. but this is a double edged sword. if i can't do this. if i fail. i will hate myself. on a different scale. i'm afraid i'll hit a new rock bottom. i'll work hard for now. that's all i can do. in a month it will all be better or worse. but all i have is now.
Negative people don't need to be defeated. They defeat themselves with their Negative Attitude. Be POSITIVE always. 

It feels like the world only considers a woman to be a woman when she has turned herself inside out giving and giving and giving and giving. And even then, even at the end, it does not thank her. It simply chides her for not having more to give.

Humans are bad at most things. Love, relationships, parenting, holding ourselves together, being dependable. But there is one thing we are so good at, that we are in fact, spectacular at it. We are all so damned good at being broken open. It’s how the light gets out. It’s how we know it’s there. Because once in a while, someone comes along who tells us life is so much more than just existing. Someone comes along to remind us, to stop being so small and so human. And do better by being so much more.

in a language that doesn’t have the word ‘love’ I say “I still have the receipt from the film we watched on our first date” I say “I bought four red sweaters after you told me it was your favorite color” I say “it’s been exactly two hundred and twelve days since our last kiss” I say “last week, in a hotel room, the complementary pantene shampoo was the type that you use” I say “I walked around smelling like you and nobody else cried over it” I say “yes, I’m still crying over it” I say “the other day somebody’s ringtone went off in class and it was the same noise you set for your alarm and it took me a minute to figure out where I knew it from” I say “I’m terrified of someday not knowing where I knew it from”...


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