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please kill me. do me that one favour.
i won't let you forget me

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Pain don't hurt the same, I know;
But I'm moving till my legs give out,
and I see my tears melt in the snow.
(but I don't wanna cry, I don't wanna cry anymore)
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If you make it a Habit to make your Today better than your Yesterday, then for sure, your Tomorrow will be better than your Today.
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Well, Jesus Christ, I'm alone again,
Cause this problem's gonna last
more than the weekend.
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My late grandmother’s name is Sheilia, and I swear I’ve never heard the name so much as I have since she passed. It’s everywhere, more people have it than I used to think. Hearing it is like a small blow to the stomach each time, and I find myself wondering if these strangers sharing her name are as great a human being as she was while simultaneously deciding that they can’t possibly compare. My grief sets them up for failure simply for possessing something they didn’t choose, no more than my grandma did.

Mom warned me about girls like you, Mom.
It says in the Talmud that we do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.  And if you don't believe the Talmud, just ask a thing.
The Zen you find at the top of the mountain is probably the Zen that fell out of my backpack.

i started making art using old, almost empty printer cartridges, in an effort to waste nothing. in doing so, i realised it was a very satisfying outlet as it uses the exact same motions as cutting. the violent creation of lines, but instead of drawing blood, i draw my demons with ink. i represent the turmoil within, on a canvas that is not my body. i hope this way of coping continues to help as well as it has this week.

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