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you play stupid games
you win stupid prizes.
that's who i am, i withstand.
rain storm and hurricane,
i made it out alive again.
through stress bouts and booby traps.
i learned too much to just give in now.
i hate it for the most part but i just can't cave.
the anxious feeling that etched a home in my chest,
i'll get her to move out some day.
cause this skin is my home and this heart beats for me.
i will become mostly happy again.
Maybe I'm a wrong piece trying to fit in a puzzle,
Maybe I could do everything differently,
Maybe I could go back,
Maybe I can stop overthinking.

Maybe? Maybe not.
Your territory marks you.
Eighty percent of success is showing up.  The other twenty percent is giving the wrong address to the competition.
The Ephemeral Israeli entity and America are bombing Syria now. Why doesn't the world say they are terrorists?Oh, I forgot that the media only publishes America and Israel with the image of the angel.When America withdrew from Afghanistan, it withdrew in order to make the people kill each other while America and we are watching them.We are not fools in politics.
America says it is fighting terrorism, but it is the one who planted terrorism throughout the world. It claims that it wants the peoples' renaissance and a pretext to seize the wealth of the countryThey, stand against Islam and destroyed its image and exploit young people who are ignorant of their religion.

Everything that our Prophet Muhammagrant (pbuh) said is now true.
Habibi ya Mohammad
Sometimes I wish there was an undo button,
to redo everything over again,
I miss you.
A talk with a child is cheaper than therapy - although if that's your reason for talking to children, you should probably still get the therapy.
you couldn't even look at me.
not even in my direction.
not so much as a smile let 
alone a conversation.

now you need 
something so 
here you are.

i won't reply.
i don't need you to like me,
i've decided i don't care.
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