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honey hit me where it hurts.
come on, make me feel like dirt.

you think i don't know while i know you do.
just say it ain't so and it'll all be good.

i've been thinking about it lately.
back when your cheeks would flush all rosie.

i think i've lost my touch
i think i'm going to have to change it up.

it's a new passcode,
now i don't answer when you call.
when exactly are you going to catch on?

It isn't that I'm not a cat person, it's just that I'm not a cat person person.
Writing a new story  
it still has you in it 
i miss you.
Are you happy?
that you are unsure
and unaware of everything
that's always been around

Are you sad?
that you missed chances
that you could have easily

Are you confused?
wondering why or where
or how you are stuck

Are you angry?
hurting your own storybook
with wrong paths

Are you done?
is a stupid question to ask
because you aren't
I believe you are who you are... sometimes your sweet and giggly full of life and bubble. Other's your serious as can be. One minute there might storm's in your eyes and loneliness and fear, oh how small of a child you must feel your friends and loved ones are there to be your guiding light. Other days maybe your cat bounding and singing to your hearts content. You, we, all humans are silly giggly, serious and stern, loving, helpful scared and timid. Never ever change because society says you don't follow the norm. You are you in all your beautiful shining soulful adultness. Be happy, be blessed, love yourself in all your flaws and greatness. Keep your soul happy thru laughter and love and beautiful memories.

 I'm tired and I don't think I can keep doing this anymore.

i must have said sorry a hundred times.
i'm sorry for burdening you this much.
you won't have to put up with it much longer.
we joke around a lot and you forgave me each time.

i don't think i can forgive myself.
i don't think i can make it up to you.

just no more mistakes.
and no more second chances.

it really begs the question:
who did i think i was?
no. really, who?
here we are again.
trying to turn this fat to bone.
i forget each time the only thing that i lose.
f not friends then brain cells.

this crass carelessness.
this concentrated distraction.
this scatter brained sweaty nonsense.

i hate it all.
why can't i shrivel into bronze brute strength and endless wisdom.
why am i a dehydrated version of my worst self.

time keeps passing and i fall into the same cracks.
is stomach churning.
this hopelessness.

i've seen it all before.
i'm sick of myself but above all else im sick of disappointing you again.
Life on Earth is based on carbon.  In that sense I definitely qualify as carbon neutral.
I have made so much progess in the last year. I can't wait to see how much further I will fo next year
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