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Every bra is a sports bra - the only difference is the sport.

We were all kids once. I remember everything about this site. This was my home back then. My comfort. My nostalgia. So many parts of me are scattered around this site. I remember exactly how attached I was. How this was my introduction to creative outlets, socialization, coding — all the skills and emotions this place has invoked. I am reminded of the past. This is my machine back to feel the memories in real time. I always come back here. All roads lead back here.

We were kids once. We were kids together.
Now I'm 20.

A little dangering is a learneous thing.

i knew it then for sure, the night after her wedding.
when you sighed lightly and turned to me.
you said it so gleefully, so happily.
my gut wrenched and my ears wanted to bleed.

"now that we have thrown a big wedding, for the rest of you we don't have to."
my eerie stadium of hawk eyed critics who should have been my everything.
it's just always felt like this, always felt so odd.
i walked on this tight rope with nothing  noone to hold.
i've no back up plan, i had to be successful.
cause anytime i falter, you both become so bold.

you flock to me with the most bewildered look in your eyes. 
am i really breaking down, will you both finally see me cry?
i've always felt like you were vultures who were just waiting to strike.
it never felt like support, the way you critiqued my life.

so now i comfort myself with "this was meant to be".
but i see you treat them all very differently.
you can be so reassuring when you want to be.
it's almost all over now, i'm learning to leave.
but it still hurts me, still makes my eyes sting.
you were the best parents, but just not to me.
he's just so handsome and kind.
so thoughtful and nice.
i couldn't help it.
today, after seeing him after a while,
i've fallen again.

i'm falling
in love again

I'm not the least bit surprised that machines have become sentient. Everything gets its own fragrance nowadays.
we'll be so unique.
lyrics or novels could resemble us.
y poems we write would do us justice.
As fate would have it, fate was having none of it.
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