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If tears are salty, why don’t they sting our eyes?
Maybe they do, but we’re already crying, so we don’t notice.
Nothing can escape the law of Karma. Not only does it work in this lifetime, it also works beyond death.
it must be the invisible string between us.
i feel it tug at my lips whenever you smile at me.
By any ends necessary.
Today, as in the past, a successful career requires sacrifice.  And today, as in the past, there's usually a maiden and a volcano involved.
The statement 'A picture is worth a thousand words' is worth 0.007 of a picture.
When they take their clothes off, everyone's in drag.
Not Men or Women, we are just Puppets that Dance! Everything is Programmed... Nothing happens by Chance!
No need to suļ¬€er, no need to cry. If only we Question and Find out 'Why'... We can be Blissful & Fly in the Sky.

no i won't make friends with change.
i get a bit nervous. yeah, i get a bit nervous now.
but when it gets hard, i get a little stronger now.
i get a little braver now.
before i give my heart away.

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