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" You're Still The One I Run To . The One That I Belong To . You're Still The One I Want For Life . You're Still The One That I Love . The Only One I Dream Of . "
"Blessed are the Merciful, for they shall receive Mercy." Matthew 6:7
"Jesus Paid It All; All To Him I Owe. Sin Had Left A Crimson Stain, He Washed It White As Snow." Jesus Paid It All- Elvina M. Hall
stuck in love with you,
take a look at what you got me into


The thing is he works 9 am - 5 pm monday, 11 am to 7 pm tues, and weds - sat 5 pm till midnight .

Gunna be working graveyard all week if you want to stop in after 12:30? just let me know when.
When it's winter and the Suns ended its shift way too early. My teeth were chattering after a long day. I'd been studying from 8am, it was well past 6pm now. I hugged my coat around me tighter, my bus stop was a long power walk away. I don't like acknowledging it, but it's scary to be out at night. I popped my earphones in and was comforted by the music. Ah, the cold dark amongst a hundred other strangers is bearable now. I came across a red light, I stuffed my hands in my pockets as I tried to stay warm while staying still. I don't remember what I was doing exactly after that. Probably mouthing lyrics or trying to stand taller than I really am. But then you appeared. Oh how happy I was when I realised it was you. At first of course I had to hit you, you can't spring up on me like that! You know how I get. Huddled together you walked me to my stop. I held your hand inside my pocket. It was a short time spent with you, but definitely the highlight of my day.

please please please read my new story and let me know if you like it wittians:

"I Will Cling To The Old Rugged Cross, And Exchange It Someday For A Crown." -The Old Rugged Cross -Rev.George Bennard
Life is not a Race, but we still continue the Chase and try to be an Ace. It’s time to get out of this Maze and Truly Live with Grace.
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