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Even when I'm with my friends I'm lonely. I don't want to see them anymore, why do they still want to see me? Even when I'm with my friends, I'm unhappy. Why do I still feel unhappy? Even when I'm laughing with friends, I'm wishing I was somewhere else. Probably just in bed. Probably just asleep. Even with friends, I still feel like this. I've been distancing myself, pushing them away. Why do they still want to be with me, even when I'm showing clear signs that I can't keep this up anymore.
Collect and protect.
Really though its always at 3am. Idk why I always answer. Guess its cuz Im still waiting on those beers
One who lives with Faith says IT WILL HAPPEN, while the one who lives without it asks WILL IT HAPPEN?
no matter how many notebooks i fill up, or pens run out with stupid words according to her.... she will never see how much i love her.... words mean nothing in a world full of words
gosh I wish I got just tell you how much you mean to me .......!!!! without you I'm  a lung with no air a phone with no data Asia without China if you leave I will become an aphasia, I wish we could go to jamaica there I will be chessy and adorable to you you my Dalilah if I was simba you would be my nala
I'm always going to be with you like a Koala bear hugged to a tree
I'm dedicated to you like Pac was to Jada
please ....... I wanna be with you and watch movies snuggle up in your cocoon!! or watching the reflection of the moon thru your sees, gosh I swear I wanna cry!!! I would stay up all night like a watchman and see you sleep it hurts to know that I probably will never hug you but I thank you that I got the chance to meet you
I wanna be stuck to you like a tattoo
and run my hands thru your hair like if my hands were the shampoo
I would wash you with kisses and dry you with hugs and give thanks to God that He gave me a gorgeous beautiful Queen my cherubim! with me I don't think you could ever sleep I will kiss you even in your dreams ! I wish I could just take you by the hand walk by the sea and we will sleep on the clouds I will put you on an alter and adore you forever as the holy great lady you are ...... I wanna d.i.e crucified on your lips!!! your Colgate smile make me feel fresh the melody of your voice I'm addicted too it
......... you got so much glimmer you can't be from this planet! you got me tripping with my own feet!!! I wanna be with you forever like a tree that will never move from its roots
I wanna be your alien and you my Milky Way
I desire you I wish of you I love you like pooh loves honey bugs bunny his carrot!!
let me be your other half, and I guarantee our love would be majestic like a giraffe
we would be blessed by God ...... wow you got me delirious.....
but its all sad because she dont love me :(
Life is no Nintendo Game
                                            But the feelings
                               Are real

Sometimes I feel like a caretaker of a museum — a huge, empty museum where no one ever comes, and I’m watching over it for no one but myself.



Your name is a golden bell                                                                                  hung in my heart. I would
                                                 break  my body to pieces to
                                                 call you once by your name.



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