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call me stupid, but at least i'm happy 😍
The term 'common parlance' isn't.
I don't know what a 'giant slalom' is, but it certainly doesn't sound appropriate for family television.
Mama said there'd be supereons like this.
Nothing makes me angerier than when my friends say "my babe" Just say their name!!!! "Me and babe are going to eat." Good for you but you don't need to call him babe to me. 

i've been hoping somebody loves you in the ways i couldn't

~i loved you so much, it hurt.
~i cried so hard, i felt free.
~i smiled so big, i felt trapped
~i hated you so much...and that hurt too.
-what did you do to me?
The sun may leave for some time, but it always comes back shining again the next day. Will you do the same with me?
if money was to bring happiness then please, be my dime
i feel rich when im with you
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