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don’t lose who you are
in the blur of the stars.
seeing is deceiving,
dreaming is believing,
it’s okay not to be okay.
sometimes it’s hard
to follow your heart –
tears don’t mean you’re losing,
everybody’s bruising,
there’s nothing wrong
with who you are.


There's no such thing as giving up.
So get yourself together.
whenever I said I love you, I meant it

but you didn't
Do you know that you can choose to be Happy or unhappy? Happiness doesn't just Happen, it is a Choice you make.
"Don't cut yourself."
"Because, it hurts."

To see your face 

To hear your voice

To feel the warmth upon my clothes


What am I saying

In my opinion, a woman doesn't deserve the title of 'supermodel' until she proves she can actually fly.
I've never had a problem with rejection. On the contrary, I've always been able to reject stuff any time I want.
Let's not do something we'll regret later. Let's do it now!
Christmas is my favorite time of year when I'm with you. <3 
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