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~Life's a rollercoaster, it'll suck waiting in line for the thrill, then you finally get to go on the crazy ride and youre all happy, then its over, but worry not. There's always more.~

Professionals that use the IPC J-STD-001 Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum can choose between two training options. CIS and CIT Module 6 optional courses provides supplementary material to train individuals who currently have J-STD-001 CIS or CIT credentials.

~Out of a joke, I never thought I'd hear something so true.~

Me: "f you"
Him: "when and where"
Me: "Oh, God, No!"
Me: "No, I am reserved."
Him: "Reservations can always be canceled or taken."

Most people describe love in a relatively similar way
But our love is different,
It's is seeing your face and knowing deep down that if it was the last thing I ever did see I would die oh so happily and
Knowing that even trying to describe her beauty is hopeless and I just want her to know this
Knowing when it's breaking down it's really only building up to better days, to stronger days
It's the fact that she's transformed my life into something really wonderful in so many ways
I'd love to stop the time, spend hours exploring her eyes
Their hue is deeply blue and intensified with splashes of sun kissed water on a sunshiny beach bursting with surprise
No map could help you find your destination as the place you need to be is right where you are
I know that when you aren't with me, you're in my heart; you're never far.
Your voice influences, encourages and inspires me,  you're so wonderful and bright and you should be proud to be
You've really helped me on my journey through this land of life, when you entered my life you changed me into "we"
I know that even together I can still be my self, seperate hobbies, clubs and friends
I know that even when the going gets rough we can always make ammends
If I tell you that I love you,
I mean just what I say
If I tell you that I care
Please never go away
I know we can do it and we've got a lot to gain
And I know we know no matter what our friendship will always remain
I'm here to fight the bad days, even if they're the worst days and they seem so utterly impossible to survive
I promise you that you'll get by
I'm here for you on your good days, to see your smile and the reason behind it
I'll remind you of all the good things, and how life's improving bit by bit
We have so much infront of us, a whole life to call our own
Know that when you have me, you'll never be alone
If I tell you that I love you
I mean just what I say
If i tell you that I care
Please never go away <3 

How to find area of a circle with diameter see website –

How to calculate the area of a triangle see the link

Toni Zippers - India's Largest Manufacturers of Zippers and Sliders. Our range includes all types of zippers and zip sliders i.e, CFC, LFC, Vislon, Plastic & Metal and much more available in different styles, sizes, finishes, and colors.
If it's your habit to focus on the negative, you need to stop and change it bit by bit, otherwise it will destroy you. Change the Habit, change your Life.
I'm tired of you dancing on the outskirts of my affection and I can't decide if I'll ever forgive you but you never come round here anymore anyway. I've gotten too jaded to make my lost loves creative and I can't decide if I'll ever forget to but no one reads poetry anymore anyway
My determination to be thoughtful and deliberate was always too dry and too cold for you. Your side of the bed has been deserted but I'll still save my love for rainy days
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