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Yeah for today, Im whimpin' out. (7:29)
So you whimpn' out? (7:19)
I took a few before I wrote you (7:18)
Well what happen to having shots?(7:03)
Definately probably shouldnt. He has access to my phone records. Only on here cause my ipad. (6:59)
Wanna call me? (6:46)
Im drunk (6:44)


 i think about you all the time,
but i don't need the same


"your emotions are valid and you are
allowed to cry, but remember that at
the end of the day, no one is responsible
for your happiness but you." 

It's not that it gets easier; it doesn't.

You just learn how to get through it,
 by building a layer of protection.

YOU get stronger.

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