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"She's got everything
She's got the best of every world
She's got diamond rings
She's a gettin' kind of girl

She's got everything
She's pretty and she's got style
She's got Loius Vuitton
The one in crocodile

Sbe wanted everything,
Whatever, come what may
She had a mission
And her love was in her way. "

She's Got Everything from the album Some Big Deal by Jim Glines

" Look, if you're going to lie about me the least you could do is make it sensational, otherwise absolutely no one will believe you. "

- Jim Glines

" In a world full of caterpillars, it takes balls to be a butterfly."

Sign at Gay Pride NYC, 1984
all those nights
you kept me going 
(Swirled you into all of my poems).
Now we're at the starting line,
I did my "time".


 there's really no point in me holding onto you, i know.
we'll never become the people i want us to be, i know.
i'm burning myself everytime i text you back...i know.
i know but i still have hope.
that when you dream, it's of me.
that when things fall into place, you'll search for me.
that when you finally start thinking for yourself,
you realise it's always been me.
you want to sink so i'm gonna let you

"An angel who offers me her wings when I don't even remember to fly"  FRIEND

My fav Outfits


I  Love Fashion  

Love is a cunning weaver of fantasies & fables  
                                                                                  Safo de Mitilene

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

i gave you more assurance than i needed to
i helped you out far more than i needed to
i talked to you for far longer than i needed to
i pined for you for longer than i admit to
i waited for you for longer than i wanted to

i bet you question why i did that for you
i ask myself why i did that too

perhaps it's because i always see myself in you
perhaps i gave you the love i needed too
and someday i'll get it in return, in two-fold, too
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