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heyy.... my name is andie.... from pennsylvania.. rather be in New Jersey... but we can all get what we want...
so im 16 years.... my birthday is may 25 nothing spectacular...
my friends: jenni,jazzie,andrew,marcos, angie, elliot, cody, genesis, felix  i love beeing around my them .dont judge me when you first see me. if you dont know me then you dont have the right to..
my twitter: @0xandie0x

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first time back on the internet in a month!! i missed it soooo much
those nights when you cant stop crying but you have to do the silent cry so no one knows that youre crying
those moments when you find a bruise and you dont know where its from so you poke at it trying to remember nut hurting youself more in the process
is there a new thing going around where is perfectly fine to make fun of people with a disorder? its not funny, these people have no clue what youre going through and they say "oh look at her shes ugly lets all attack her at once" or "eww those scars wont get you anywher" or " you should eat your to ugly being that skinny" but the best one is "why are you so fat? you should starve yourself". but please let me know so i dont keep wasting my breath on these pathetic a-holes
i miss hearing your voice when you sang i miss hearing you play the piano 7 months have past and not a day goes by without me thinking of you.
Cancer Friggen Sucks
Why do people have to be so judgemental? Does it make you a better person? No, no it doesnt. Does it give you saticfaction that you are destryoing someone with every hurtful word you say to them? People suck 
singing with your guy friend to "i wont say it" from hercules
the awkward moment when you come out of a bathroom stall at school and a teacher smiles at you while youre fixing your self
So today I realized this is my 4th year on Witty. Dang 4 years went by really fast.