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Hello beautiful, I'm Addie.

My friends are my life, and my absolute bestfriend and other half is a girl named Ashton.
I'm a gymnast.
If you're nice to me I'll be nice back,
simple as that.

Get to know me if you want.

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AddieMainville's Favorite Quotes

No matter how much you  dislike your siblings,
never, and i mean NEVER say you hate them. trust me-its the biggest regret of my entire life, because
"i hate you."
were the lasts words i ever spoke to my sister.
R.I.P  Lucy, i love you.


friend: I mis the old witty.
me: how long have you had your witty?
friend: 2 months
me: yea...the old witty.....

I was eating oreos and I was dunking it in milk and the cookie broke and sunk to the bottom so now i'm just staring at the glass and wondering why bad things happen to good people.
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nmq/nmf :)

You Know You're Forever Alone When..
You Pull An All-Nighter With Your Cat.


Here's To the Kids Who Know the Difference between Your and You're


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all girls; i'd rather be called beautiful instead of hot
me; i'll take what i can get



Best way to not get your heart broken,

is pretend you don't have one.

- Charlie Sheen



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Pass me another bottle, honey

The Jager's so sweet

But if it keeps you around then I'm



All Time Low - Six Feet Under The Stars

"Life isn't about how popular you are. What girl or boy you are dating or who you know. Life is about always being true to who you are or what you believe in. Never let anyome convince you that their way is better than your way. In the end all we have is our hearts, and our minds. This is the reason we sing... This is the reason we cry... This is why we live" -- Andy Six