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Quotes by AenslyLeon31

Fave if you're Bored like, me?

Yawning is very contagious.
Hehehe, there's a 50% chance you'll
Yawn After reading this yawing quote.

Want a tip for losing weight?
Turn your head to the left, then to the right.
 Repeat this process over&over again,
when someone offers you food.

That wasn't an earthquake...

I just dropped my wallet.


My cousin's teacher's name is...

Mr.Phelan. Pronounced:Failin'.
&That's exactly what she's doing....Failing.



If you've never had a
Top Quote.



&If I say...
that I hate Justin Beiber with a passion.

I bet his fans will comment:
Don't hate, ugh you're wrong, he's hot stop hating!, ETC.

But wtf?

I hate Justin Beiber with a passion.




Stupid., you just said it  2 times?


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