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My name is Sara. I'm 15 years old.
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Quotes by AlabamaGirl

Loving someone
who doesn't feel the
same way is like using
a white crayon on
a white paper.
It's always invisible.
God didn't add another day in
your life because you needed it,
he added it because,
someone out there needs you.
Calling some ugly won't make you pretty.
Calling someone dumb won't make you smart.
Calling someone fake won't make you real.
No texts. No calls. Nothing.
But I'm still here thinking
About you like crazy.
Sometimes there are things in life
That aren't meant to stay.
Sometimes change may not be what
We want. Sometimes change is
What we need.
Your first love is always alive
And lives all the time in your heart.
How much you try to forget,
It never goes away from
Your heart..
When you wait for someone for a few minutes, its your NEED.

For a few hours, it's your TRUST.

For a few weeks, its your FRIENDSHIP.

But to wait when you know the person will not come,

It's your LOVE...

Worry Less
Smile More
Accept Criticism
Take Responsibility
Listen & Love
Don't hate
Embrace change
Feel good anyway
You can't trust anyone.

I'm going to Alabama for the summer.. I won't be able to get on.. So I'll read all quotes when I get back(: