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My name is Sara. I'm 15 years old.
Live, Laugh, Love. <3 <3 <3


Quotes by AlabamaGirl

Made a wrong turn once or twice,
Dug my way out blood and fire,
Bad decisions, that's alright,
Welcome to my silly life,
Mistreated, this
Place misunderstood
Knowing it's all good
It didn't slow me down,
Mistaken always second
Look I'm still around..

Pretty Pretty please
Don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than,
Less than perfect,
Pretty Pretty Please
If you ever, ever feel
Like you're nothing,
You are perfect to me

<3 <3 <3

You know I can take you straight to heaven if you let me,
You know I, I can make your body levitate if you let me,
You know that I can make your body levitate,
 I can make your body levitate,
Le-levitate, You know

Hollywood Undead


As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I wore my crown of thorns and pulled the knife out my chest,
I keep searching for something that I never seem to find,
But maybe I won't because I left it all behind,
Yeah what's up with this,
And that'll never change,
Always a part of me until the very last day.
Where'd you go from here, what road you traveled on,
I spent my whole life choosing and it always chose wrong,
Will I try to have the will to be alive.

Where'd you go, Where's your home,
How'd you end up all alone,
Can you hear me now?
There's no light there's no sound,
Hard to breathe when you're underground.

Can you hear me now?
Hear me now!

On Friday, I lost my best friend...
Over a stupid guy...

I never thought that could ruin a friendship
That has been going on for almost four years

This is how it happened..

My new neighbor has a brother who my bestfriend dated.
I started liking him and he liked me too..

I just couldn't go out with him because she did.
I turned him down..

Her ex asked her out and she said yes.
Friday a few friends and I went to a park donwtown.

They held hands and then yesterday I found out they kissed.
I came home crying because a rage of jealousy came over me
I told my sister and she decided to talk to her about it.
She told her she was a backstabber and a bad friend
She won't talk to me and says that she won't miss me as a friend.
Rhiannon was the best friend i've ever had and i will

She seems to be doing fine without me..

Except I miss her and she's just next door.
I was deleted by her, my neighbor, and Rhiannon's mom.

I will never let a guy come between me and my friend again..
It's not worth it, and now she's moved on.


Do you honestly not see that I like you?

Do you honestly not see that I hate your girlfriend?

Do you honestly not see that she hates me?

Do you honestly not see that we're meant for each other?

Do you honestly not see that I love you or are you to "In Love" to not see that I've been waiting?

Anyone need advice?

I'm here(:

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Dear Kearstin,
I am soo proud of you!! You made it through Basic Training in the Airforce!
I also can't wait to see you in a few weeks...
You are definitely worth the drive to Texas.. From Illinois.
I love you... Even though we don't always get along, I'll always be proud of you.
No matter what... I'm here for you..
See you soon

Your Younger Sister,




I can't help but wonder if I'm on your mind as much are you are on mine. <3

I Love You.

I Hate You.

I Love You.

I Hate You.

Just Kiss Me And Shutup!



Even If I Say It'll Be Alright.

Still I Hear You Say You Want To End Your LIfe.

Now And Again We Try to Just Stay Alive.

Maybe We'll Turn It All Around

Cuz It's Not Too Late, It's Never Too Late.

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