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Quotes by Alexhellookitty

I said that I missed you

and that I made a mistake,

and you asked how I was going to win you back.

If you don't want to be with me,

I am not going to fight for you.

Especially when you didn't fight to stay with me.
Can you just shoot me now?

I love when....
You let me be me
and you still love me
Mom: Alex lets go get tatoos
Me: No
Mom: well how about we go get something pierced? I want to get my belly button pierced
Me: No
Mom: whyyy nottt?????
Me: I am afraid of needles...
Mom: You are no fun

Things my mom says....
Mom: Alexxx what are you doing??

Me: dieing...

Mom: Good come empty the dishwasher

Me: -_-
What did I even do? Why do you treat me differently? I just wish you would tell me. We were best friends and now we hardley talk. You ignore me, you talk about me, you walk past me in the halls, and you are fake nice. we dont share secrets or gossip anymore. What happened?
I have a pageant tomorrow!!!
<3 for good luck!!

My brother's birthday is April 30, 2004. He is going to be 8.  I never get to see him. He doesn't live with me. He lives in this amazing place. Its called Heaven. He plays sports and goes to school and even hangs out with other 8 year olds.  He has been living there since May 14, 2004. I never met him, but we talk all the time. Everynight actually.  I look at his scrapbook and imagine he is here with me. I never got to meet him. I bet he would have been amazing kid. I think that maybe he would be like me. My siblings are all the same, except me. Maybe he would have been like me. I imagine he is. I bet he is a great kid and I miss him. His name is Kaden. Kaden Michael Clark France. 

Why did you change?