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i have recently told my friends at school about witty. i didn't tell people my username but if they know me they can probably guess it. if you are one of my friends from school please just go away
(unless you're an elf)


Quotes by AlpacaPerson

my grandmother just casually called someone a pus5y

is that a little bit of confidence i feel?
oh wait, no, nope false alarm.


maybe time travel really does exist but nobody has come back to the past because the future is always brighter

not my format
i really want to change my username.

just me?
i think we should all take pictures of

ourselves with our cats and use

those as our profile pictures.

and if you dont have a cat you can

use your computer.

that would just be amazing.
You know those perfect dreams that just make you so happy?
I hate those,
because when you wake up
it just makes reality suck by comparison
I hate it when I'm the only one really trying to have a conversation and the other person is just like "yea" "ok" "yup"
When I'm just scrolling through recent quotes and I see a new chapter in a story I don't even follow sometimes I just like to read them and try to figure out what's going on. I'm usually really confused, but it's nice to just waste time thinking about a made up world sometimes.

i love how there's a "sports" category
wittians don't play sports, silly Steve.

I just found out that my friend tried to commit suicide three weeks ago.

Because of me