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my fav color is green :)
my fav annimal is a penuin <(")
i love to text :P
im always hangin with friends :D
im always crazy and bubbly ;)
i love photography  ;D


Quotes by AmandaMichelle15

 The awkward moment when:
  u belch so loud in front of they guy u like
  and he just looks at u, then laughs :)

is it a fairytale when both me and a guy can still love each other and have the same feeling, when the last time we saw each other in person was in july at a fair? and now we only get to video chat every 2 weeks and we still love each other <3
I find it so adorable when says ello love, or when he calls me baby or his girl<3 and when he cant resist my puppy dog face, he is a very cute country boy and i love how he makes me feel like im flying<3
   wow... he lied to me this whole time
FML </3

 Every time i talk to him i cant help but
  smile, and the more i talk to him, the
            harder i fall for him <3
   Wow i miss him so much,
    we held hands and
       at the fair, but he isnt 
               ready for a  
 relationship...well i hope
    he will be soon cuz he is 
amazing! <3
  Its pretty funny when people
   play super
mario brothers 
everyone is screaming because         they
died or they are
                about to 

die :P
I like how people try to start pointless drama that doesnt involve them...I LOVEE having haters<3