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1/2 korean 1/2 caucasian, last year of college at ngscu
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You're worth every moment of time you're given.
Go to bed early Fridays.
Do homework Saturdays.
Go to work then do more homework Sundays.
Hate your life and go back to college Mondays.


"Dress for the job you want, not the job you have."

*shows up at law firm in lingerie and angel wings*

I've been  locked inside


heart - shaped box

for weeks


"Promise me you won't do it again"
I can't promise that, and if I do it won't mean anything at all
because no matter how much I promise, or swear
this entire conversation won't mean anything at all
at four in the morning, when I'm feeling like sh..it and wanting to die.
I won't be able to talk to you, because you are sleeping, unperturbed,
whilst I fight the conflict in my mind. I know I will feel guilty, because I had promised,
even though it was nothing to me, it was to you. and
I know you will be disappointed, perhaps angry, and infinitely sad
and I know you will cry, almost as much as me
but in this moment, I'm being selfish,
I'm thinking of no one but myself, and in this moment,
right now, I need release

Oh she doesn't know much but she knows this; life's too short not to take risks. Oh, she steels herself and she goes for luck. She pulls the trigger and lifts it up.
First, Pierce The Veil sold hot sauce, and now Being As An Ocean are making pillowcases... Well, band merch is getting a bit weird.
Nobody likes you when you're 23
          and are still more amused by TV shows.
What the Hell is ADD
       my friends say i should act my age
(( what's my age again? what's my age again? ))


Jesus Christ, that's a pretty face.

we were together for what felt 
like eternity

the laughs and rolls on the floor
that always ended

with me in your arms

I gave you so much
you did the same

our jam sessions on your lawn
me on guitar and 
you were just you


the dirty hair
that i loved to twine between

my fingers

that you'd run yours over

the way youd wake me up
with your hands over every
curve of my body

we'd rarely kiss
you'd rather hold hands

"it's more intimate"
you said

to feel my hand

like you had noting else
and hold onto it like it meant the world

it did

your tired bones grew next
to mine

for two years

i remember 

people said "he's the one"

mom loved you
yours loved me

you asked me the question
i just smiled
bit my lip

i was scared and young

so young

and there you went
picked up all of the memories

that were etched into my being
and ran

so far

You're gone now
and I wonder if you think

about me as often as I do