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My name is Ashley
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Living Life To The Fullest ( or at least attempting to )
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I am not your typical teenager.
I speak English, Japanese, Spanish, and fluent sarcasm .
Let's leave it at that....

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Quotes by Ashleey_Mariee98

So, I've already told you how I felt,

And you said it would not make our friendship awkward...

Then, why are we doing what we said we wouldn't do?

I feel like its my fault,

That i've done this to 




I just wanna go back to normal,

but i guess that's long gone now...


Just told my crush i liked him...

I can feel the tension already...

*Cue the awkwardness*
And most importantly,

Keep smiling

Because life is beautiful

And there is so much

To smile about .

- Marilyn Monroe

Forget the risk,

and take the fall,

If it's what you want, 

then it's worth it all. 


-Niall Horan

YOU will soon realize that the obstacles YOU face


have 1/2 the strength YOU have