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I'm Alex (:


[LOVE] me, or [HATE] me
I dunn care(;

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for every favorite i will write a confession 

Temple Run

rocks shiz.

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Sometimes the smallest       things take up the most in your heart.
                      -Winnie the Pooh

I'm on my period.
DO NOT mess with me.
I will rip your throat out at any chance I get.
Thats a promise
Every girl. Ever.

sometimes she wishes she was never born.

that make you break down


Cutting is an addiction..
                                      .. you think you understand..
but you dont..
                                     .. so stop saying you do!
your not perfect...      
                                     .. so stop thinking you are.

when you friends are going threw worse!..


This quote does not exist.

a good boyfriend loves his girl
with all his heart. he isn't
afraid to point to his girl,
in front of all his friends
and say "thats my baby."

So's your face.