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I am a very strange child named Miranda (pronounced Mearanda)

I like symphonies and alternative/indie music

That's about it.

Thanks to you, I've lost my touch
I struggle to find the sense in making sense
And giving a semblance of a f*ck

And thanks to you, for all the nightmares
There's not a night that I sleep quiet and complacent without my medication
'Cause there's this ringing in my head (who said it was gonna be easy?)
As the ghost of you hangs over my bed

Thanks to you, I'm not myself
I'm all strung out, that much is clear
And I'll spend my whole life-time with your life-line wrapped around my throat
Thanks to you
All thanks to you
-All Time Low

Quotes by BandPerson

It just comes so fast. It just hits you and knocks you down. It's there holding you down, not allowing you to move.
It just takes over.
Wraps its arms around you,
and never lets go.

You are stuck.
Unless you find the way out.
There's only one way to fight it.
It's getting dark and it's all too quiet
And I can't trust anything now
Is going through all of this pain worth living through?
I'm living to someday die.
Why can't that day be today?
Happiness is barely in my sight.
Surrounded by darkness and crazed thoughts.
I try to be strong,
to be normal,
to be happy.

Sometimes, it just doesn't work.
I'm sorry that I'm not the child you wanted.
Once I'm gone, you'll only have the perfect child left.

Then you'll get what you always wanted.
I'm like a broken plate
That has been put back together

You are the glue
The only thing holding me together
I'm a disaster,
I'm a wreck,
I'm hopeless,
I'm broken,
I'm difficult,
I'm a mess.

I'm trying.
Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with the darkness.
That I just loose focus.