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I know I'm a guy but I've seen a lot of stories on Witty and I thought it'd be fun to write one. If you don't want me to continue this story, you can just tell me. I get it(:

I didn't mean to let this happen.
Chapter One

I sat on the sand letting the water hit my feet. Lexi was on my left. Her white and black bikini showed off her body and her wavy blonde hair was wet from the ocean. I had just met her an hour ago here on the beach. She was super nice and pretty.We had gone swimming and walking on the beach, collecting shells. Now we were sitting on the sand together.  I grabbed her hand. "What are you doing...?" She looked at me curiously. My face turned red. "Sorry" I quickly pulled my hand away. Sand covered our legs as we watched the waves crash on the shoreline. "It's fine.." She mumbled. I liked her...well I thought I did. She was suddenly getting grumpy and every second she was whipping out her phone and texting her friend Ryan. All of the sudden Lexi's phone rang. She quickly grabbed it and stood up. "Ryan! Your here! Finally." Her brown eyes lit up. "I'm sorry Greg..but I uh have to go" She picked up her brown tote bag and walked away. "So much for that.." I grumbled. I layed down on the sand letting my messy black hair get all sandy. Six girls in bikinis walked by me, laughing and talking about gossip. They were all blonde except for two. "Hey! You!" One yelled while chomping on her gum. "yeah?" I sat up, shaking the sand out of my hair. "I'm Maddy." She propped a hand on her hip. The rest introduced themselves except for one. She stood back behind them. She had straight brown hair the was pulled into a messy bun. Her silver sunglasses matched the silver writing that said "Love" on her T-shirt. Underneath that she wore a blue bikini. "Wanna walk with us?" Maddy questioned. She seemed bitchy. Real bitchy. I didn't answer. "Watevs" She flipped her blonde curls and kept walking. They all fallowed her except for one girl. She stood there looking at me. Mezmorised. "Come on Lindsie!" Maddy yelled at the girl. "Your sister is so annoying" Another one shot Lindsie a dirty look as Lindsie tried to catch up with them, almost tripping on her own feet. The girls kept walking. Every two seconds I would catch Lindsie whipping her head around, staring at me, and then getting yelled at by Maddy.

(Should I continue?)

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Should I write a story? I think it'd be fun to.


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Hi my name is Baron and I think you are all amazing and beautiful. comment and I'll try to comment back! thank you(:

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