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Quotes by Beautifully_Betrayed


You know what?
You have no idea

»»» what MY life is like

so before you start judging me

I want you to think
what your words do to me
(I made a quote a like this  but I relized it was rude.)

This is the part of me that
you'll never ever take away from me


Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars. ♥
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Today is the best day ever!
*Wakes up*

Best Friend: Haa, okie doke[: I'm so frikken annoyed at ____ right now!! She came over to my house with her laptop,, and I was supposed to watch me little brother and the whole time she was here, all that she did was got on witty profiles...THE WHOLE DAY YESTERDAY, and then she stayed the frikking night>:{ I didn't even ask her to, but what was I supposed to say, like get the hell out of my house?
Another Friend: Are you serious? She can't stay at her house and have no life? Why does she always freakin invite herself over to your house? I think it's annoying, and it's not even me!
Best Friend: Exactly!! My mom is all like, I thought ____ was over, and I'm like she IS...She's just frikking socially incapable. Seriously, I would NEVER go to your house with my laptop, go to your room, and sit there like a freak ALL day, and ALL night. But, the whole thing with her brother happened, so I feel bad being like get out, because her mom is with her little brother at the hospital still, and nobody is at her house, but really, does that mean that she HAS to come to MY house! Like, seriously! DAMN. Haa
Another Friend: That would be a little weird.. What happened to her brother?
Best Friend: Her little brother got hit by, and then ran over with there car. The worst part? Her other sibling{____} Was the one who ran him over...____ is 4, and ____ is like 10...
Another Friend: Oh s*%t
Best Friend: Yeah, so, I'm trying not to be all rude to her, but still...I mean, who does that??
Another Friend: Seriously. It's a bad deal and everything, but that doesn't mean she can invade your space like that.
Best Friend: I mean, my mom is probably the most lenient person with my friends, and even she said ____ was being freakish and weird.
Another Friend: Wow. Do you get in trouble for her coming over?
Best Friend: YES!! That's what also drives me crazy, is like, my mom's always saying how I need to stop having her come over, and I'm like, I DON'T!
Another Friend: Dude! That's not cool at all. Why doesn't she get that you don't even like _____?
Best Friend: I've even told my mom that I think she's annoying>:/ That girl is just somethin' else...
Another Friend: No kidding. I don't get how she doesn't understand that you don't like her...
Best Friend: I know! But, I'm done talking about her, wouldn't want something ANNOYING AS forget...ruining my day[: Sorry, had to do one last out burst...
Another Friend: Lol alrighty then

& How would you feel
if this were you?


This is a true stroy.... :'(

   I read those words you said about me, I want to puke...

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