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Me: Is it just me or has Harry Potter just come back in fashion on witty?
Friend: Harry Potter went out of fashion? -high pitched voice-.
The worst part is not knowing how another person is feeling and/or what they are thinking. Sometimes it's just too painful to think of the possibilities.
I just ran 100k today.

- if you believed that you haven't become witty safe yet, it's nothing personal just that if you believed that It is plainly obvious that you will believe anything that you see on the witty site.
Honestly, how many people here can honestly say that they are an athlete?
You don't realize you WERE EVER happy untill you ARE unhappy.
When my friend was trying to get me onto Facebook she tried to teach me to like EVERY single one of her posts: Just because I am not on Facebook doesn't make me dumb girl, it might just make me one of the smartest people on the internet ;D

i just crashed my car


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Amazing Things#8

L a d y   G a g a ' s   v o i c e .