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hi i'm maddie and i love music

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but why do famous people get free things if they're the ones who can afford it

Am I the only one
who looks back at their witty username and is like "what the was I thinking?"


This really needs to be said:

Lately, people have been posting things on here about thoughts on religion, aboration and other topics. Yes, you are allowed to have your own opinion and post it on here. But you also need to realize there are people who are going to argue, and people who are going to disagree with your opinion. If you post something on your opinion, they are allowed to comment and say theirs. However, it is not alright to tell someone what to think and what not to think. If you don't want people to argue with you, and you know people will, don't post it! Simple as that. Witty is supposed to be a family. We're supposed to help each other get through our problems and be here for each other. I'm pretty sure arguing over these kinds of topics is not going to help.

he makes my heart flutter.

Am I the only one who goes to favorite a quote, then realizes it has bad grammar, so doesn't favorite it?
you know what sucks? when you love him with all your heart, and your best friend decides to make him fall for her.
I hate how we can pass each other in the halls like we never knew each other.
I really love eyes. They show true emotion. If you're sad, your smile can show you're fine, but your eyes... they will always show your true emotions.

you have no idea how much it hurts loving you knowing you don't give a sh/t.

                                    THE GOOD TIMES WE HAD

     you can
                         HAVE THEM BACK