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Quotes by Bpavlovitch1

    I joined witty two years, two months, and four days
ago. I didn't realize how much time has gone by.
When I go back and read quotes i've made it
amazes me. I've changed so much over the past two
years and I'm thankful i can come back here to see
how I  was just that short time ago. Two years seems
like forever ago, but also like it was yesterday. I think
i've changed a lot the past couple years. I always said
"Oh i'll never change!" and in a way i didnt; I'm still the same
person but it's crazy to see how much has changed
around me. My friends, my taste in music, food, boys,
clothes. I know i havent been on here in a while but i
wanted to say thanks, for sharing this experence with

I've made it a personal 

goal, to make someone smile each day 

today i survived
my first day of

add "In Harry's pants" to the song you're listening too right now

ex: chasing cars, in harry's pants


ex: one time, in harry's pants

Some of us are just trying to get through the day without falling part.

   this world is mad.




I hate when people compare teenagers lives to the life of a kid in Africa. 

Just  because  some one  else   has  it  worse,  doesn't mean  our  problems  don't  matter.

Baby you

                                                  MY world like nobody else.

I led you on..
I'm sorry, it really was an accident babe.