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Ellllo <3 I'm Kylee. :) I'm 14..... :) I love One Direction and Ed Sheeran! They are my life . x Byeee loves ! ♥ Follow and favorite my quotes! x

Quotes by BreathingDisturbance

God answers prayers. 
                              He answered mine today.   
                                                               Thank You. <3
So, I make plans. Then they get cancelled because my parents. So then they change their mind and I can make plans but everyones busy... 
When a guy calls you pretty.. <3 
Most girls- Fight over boys. 

                Me and my friends- Fight over the folded potato chips...
Me and UND3R's conversation. 

Us: Remember when Mr. Jones said Condoms?!
Me: I had a dream where Mr. Ryan and Mr. McCoppin were mixed together and it was Mr. McRyan. 
Her: Uh, Yes. I'll have a Mr. McRyan please?
Her: With two sides of Mr. Jones. 
Me: Hold the CONDOMents. 
Being a Directioner is something unexplainable. You love, freak out, cry and do everything for someone who doesn't know you exist.

nmq. stolen from twitter.
Am I the only one.....
Who thinks that there should be a Witty app for iPod ? (:
Go on and try to tear me down.
                 I will be rising from the ground.
                                                  Like a Skyscraper <3
Soooooo, My friends are staying the night.... UND3R is one of them :D Follow her if you aren't already. But what should we dooo? Like,,,,, Give us ideas?!
The iCarly episode iGo One Direction never gets

old... <3 And I love this random format button!