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I bet none of you can be bothered to read all of this. I am aware I blabber a lot.

BREE // 18 // AUSSIE

[ + ] friendship, photography, family, good grades, sleep, food, music (ga, , aa, ts, cg, crj, randoms), singing, watching people dance, being a kid, movies, ben 10, quote making, pretty quotes
[ - ] hate, people who over swear, bugs, sweat, crying in front of people, blood, horror movies, not being able to help people

[ ♥ ] If I know your name, that pretty much means I love you.

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When you smile,
the whole world stops and stares for a while
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"I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note saying "Toys not included".

Bernard Manning

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your colours always change,
you never act the same with me
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you're never going out of style
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whether or not it's your first witty christmas, merry christmas. i'm glad you're here.

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I wanna know your Christmas just ain't Christmas without me

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there were christmases when you were mine

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We're all in our private traps

Clamped in them

And none of us can ever get out

Sometimes we deliberately step into those traps

I was born in mine. I don't mind it anymore

Oh but you should. You should mind it

Oh I do

But I say I don't

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- I don't want your number.
- I don't wanna give you mine.
- I don't wanna meet you nowhere.
- don't want none of your time.
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