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Quotes by blankwolf*

me: *dramatically lip syncs songs from les miserables*

Me: *hides in a tornado shelter because of 4/20 posts*


                                                                i worry (a lot)
                                                   when i think (of other girls)
                                                       about how they (shine)
                                                   sparkle and radiate beauty
                                            and about how i could be (brighter)

                                 (and) nothing hurts worse than thinking about
                                        not being with (you) my love, my heart
                                          because i know you (deserve the) best,
                                              you are my (sun), moon and stars

                                                nmq but this is really interesting. 
                                              read it entirely, then read it without
                                               the words in parentheses, and then
                                         read it with only the words in parentheses.

personality cannot be photoshopped.

the best advice that I have ever been given
       i s   t o   n o t   l e t   m y   h a p p i n e s s
       d e p e n d   o n   s o m e t h i n g
       t h a t   I   c a n   l o s e  .

                                  sometimes it's good to build up walls
                                                  not to keep anyone out,
                       but to see who cares enough
                                           to knock them down. 


i really can't help it
i love the broken ones
the ones who
need the most patching up
the ones who
never have been loved

and maybe i see a part of me in them
the missing piece, always trying to fit in

the shattered heart
hungry for a home

no, you're not alone


                 i am trying to forget your absence
                   but it is so difficult sometimes


i'm just trying to breathe, just trying to figure it out.
because I build these walls to watch them  c r u m b l e  d o w n.
i said, but then i lost it all,
w h o   c a n   s a v e   m e   n o w ?

s e e m s   l i k e   t h e   m o r e   y o u   g r o w ,
t h e   m o r e   t i m e   y o u   s p e n d   a l o n e. 
but before you know it,
you end up perfectly on your own.