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blankwolf*'s Favorite Quotes


Isn't it strange
how with a combination
of twenty-six letters
you can steal someone's heart
and captivate their soul?
Even stranger
is how with
a different combination
of those twenty-six letters,
you can make their eyes
fill with tears
and give them enough
pain to last a lifetime?

6 year old me: yeah I'll probably be famous or something by the time I'm a teenager.

teenage me: I once watched 7 seasons of this show on netflix in one night.

*Moonwalks off into the sunset*


                        2 year old kid: *runs*
                        Family: LOOKS LIKE HE'S GOING TO BE AN ATHLETE

Witty as an island would be the farthest thing from a judgement free
environment and would probably be the cause of a couple dozen murders and then an unintentional recreation of Lord of the Flies would occur.

                             I was at the end of a school dance 8th grade and about halfway through this guy that I
                             thought hated me came up and said "I really like you" and I didn't know what to say so
                             I just smiled and nodded and walked backwards while doing jazz hands and then that
                                                     night I went home and cried so yeah that's pretty much it

This quote does not exist.

No matter what happened yesterday, or even five minutes ago, God is
waiting for you with open arms. Don't let the enemy condemn you and lie to you, today. God is not mad at you. He loves you and longs to restore everything in your life. Confess your sins to God and allow Him to cleanse you, today. Choose to forgive others so taht you can receive God's forgiveness. Ask the holy Spirit to keep you close so that you can live a life pleasing to Him. As you draw close to God, He will draw close to you and show ou His great love and blessing all the days of your life.

A bird pooped on my arm.

So naturally I wiped it off with a piece of bread and fed it to the scumbag.

Check MATE.

Imagine if every girl on Witty got her period at the same time...

I hate when people say depression is beautiful. How is it beautiful?
How is my uncle's suicide beautiful? How is my cousin's suicide beautiful? How is my grandfather's death beautiful? How is what my mother suffered from beautiful? How is what I am suffering from beautiful? How is the cutting of my own skin beautiful? How is the hospitalization of multiple of friends with beautiful? How is any sort of self harm beautiful? How are eating disorder's beautiful? How is potential drug addiction beautiful? How is potential alcoholism beautiful? How is waking up and wish you hadn't beautiful? How are suicides beautiful? How are suicide attempts beautiful? How is cutting yourself off from the people who care about you beautiful? How is hating yourself beautiful? How is wishing you were dead beautiful?
How is any of this f.cking "beautiful"? Pllease, someone explain this to me?