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Brody_Lee! You told me to make this pretty so I'm doing my best, love. :)
So I don't really know you or anything, but I hope I can get to know you? And we can be good friends ;D This website is so damn confusing, so if you have any questions, lemme know and I'll be happy to help! :) Oh, you're cute, too. ;) Haha well, I've looked EVERYWHERE and this is the only semi-boyish layout I can find! >_< Sorry if you don't like it :(
-HesMyDrug (Rachie)

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Sometimes, complicated situations have simple solutions.
Chill out, dude.

One of my friends wrote a note on here about suicide. Please girls, I'm BEGGING you. Tell her that she's loved, try and talk he out of it. PLEASE.

Good morning,

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You're all beautiful(:

Cool Story, bro.

Don't tell it again.

That's okay...I didn't really expect a text back anyway....
Baby, I like it ;)
But if I had her, I'd make sure she knows she's a princess.

Is it you, girl?