Status: In the beginning, one soul split into two, creating soul mates. And ever the two shall wander seeking each other
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Hey I'm Ruby, 

Wishing upon a star that things would be diferent


I love my dog, she's my baby :3

A saying I have: Just let the rain pour and the glitter sparkle.


Ed Sheeran, One Republic, Bastille,
Macklemore, James Blunt, Eminem, and many others

My Dog and My best friend Amanda


Bubbleboo's Favorite Quotes

What if everyone driving on the highway tuned their radios to the same station and blasted the volume...it would be like a traveling concert!

I just don't know what to do anymore. 

I don't feel bad for guys who get friendzoned. I do feel bad for girls who guys are only nice to in hopes of getting something out of it.

I love falling asleep

to thsounorain


There's something in your eyes

Say    c'mon    c'mon   and    dance   with   me  baby      [x] [x] [x]

   Yeah, the music is so loud 

 I wanna be 

                         S o      c ' m o n     c ' m o n   a n d    d a n c e   w i t h   m e                                     




Awkward things that have happened to me around my crush 1.) One time, I ran up to my crush as hugged him while he was talking to his friends and hadn't seen me in like 5 and a half months and he was just like, "who are y... oh pls stop"
2.) My crush could barely pick me up off the ground once. oops.
3.) My crush told me a secret about him and I just didn' t know what to say so I just asked the stupidest question ever.
4.) I pushed my crush up against a wall and we were like three inches apart and that was just... awkward.
5.) My crush wanted to hang out with me, but I was like, "NERVOUSSSSSS PLS NOOOO" so I just slept in so I didn't have to. oops. (he was dating someone anyway)
6.) One time a boy walked to my house and was like, "Shake my hand and I'll leave." WHAT.
7.) I quoted flipped around my crush... 'His hair smelled of watermelons'. really?
8.) I wrestled my crush once, boy was that awkward.
9.) My teacher told my crush that we were married and he cheated on me with another student so he burned me at the stake. oops.
10.) when am I not awkward?


We're not broken, just bent.

And we can learn to love again♥

"A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey

left inside."

- winnie the pooh


That  one  person  you  want  to  be  with,  yet  they cannot  be  there  next  to  you,  holding  you  tight.

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control."
- Unknown