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Status: Death and I are quite close friends known him for years
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 Heyy there,         imma Katie 
Im into music, sci     -fi, and a bunch of
other things that I can't include because i dont even know   
myself so please don't ask anything related to English. Anyone who  
wants to chat or be friends we can always. A little boring aspects 
of me would be that Im really responsible for my friends 
 for when they are quite crazy or high on red
 lemonade but they always make me
smile this one time we
were at the

and they had decided to go into the toy shop and with plastic swords they started fighting we just started cracking up when I saw them.
I relie on my friends to have a good time and to make me laugh uncontrollably


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the day we die I hope you did the right thing, completed your quest to the thing that you most desired, choose to be a person who cared for someone, a career, people who made life worth having we will all die together, don't die until you realised YOUR QUEST is complete at the very end.
Time doesn't go, time is - Ryan Hurst - "King and Maxwell"
Ill explain it to you but I cant understand it for you, he is someone I know but yet again know little about. So little time spent, little time knowing who really wants to be or is yet I fell in love with him without him even knowing I'm always there standing right next to him with him hugging my heart.
Can anyone tell me what this song's chorus from top of their head?
Being blind because I held onto to someone that broke my heart in more ways than one. Trying to think that I'm in love with someone who cared a long time ago, I was too late because I can't have the boy I thought I knew for the 8 years we spent Sundays together like brother and sister. I don't know how to move on but now I have because i know my friends are always by my side though think and thin.
does anyone understand "I'm fine, now can you please leave it" it could be anything just sometimes not about them
Lest We Forget the ones who fought and die for my freedom.
no matter how sh*tty I'm feeling I'm ALWAYS fixing someone else's mess. I'm not your mother get over the fact that I'll always be by your side because I won't, I'm human I am die in the end.
forever may AC-DC be in my heart no matter what dies or if they retire
guys don't realise the things we do for when we are around them

to many to list