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For all those who believed in me, When I was the one who lost faith, For those who came running to the rescue, When the rest of the world seemed to walk out For those who stayed, loved, and cared, But most importantly, For those who didn't mind doing so Hey, Sandy here! My friend led me to this sight and I absolutely couldn't be more obcessed with it! Anyways.... I blow my candles out on November 8th, I live in Westbrook, Maine and have since I was about 2. It is amazing here and I absolutely wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I have one brother and a step sister. Meaning that my birth parents are divorced. Shoutout to Maeve(the girl next to me in my picture), Maddie, and Sydney. You guys are the best of the best of friends any girl (or guy) could ever have. Writing is my life. There comes a time when your so lost in your own world that you refuse to go back to reailty. When you find something that you love, it feels that everything around has just stopped in its tracks, even the solar system ceases to move. It makes you feel like a that gut wrentching feeling in your stomach is really the flutter of a milliion butterflies. Makes your heart pump, mind race, and knees week. And it makes me pity the ones who have never gotten this feeling, since it truly is the best emotion you could ever have. . .
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Quotes by CaosGoMoo

Is your shoe untied?
'Cause you need to knot.
Why'd you break up with him?

He just wasn't my type...

Woman, you were in a relationship, not a blood clinic!

It started as a way to lose weight
But it's gotten worse
It's an addiction
A never ending cycle
Of skipping meals, constantly working out
And no matter how much weight I lose,

It's never enough for me...


Once you're Asian, you never miss an equation
BEnough with the Asian jokes, stop being so Rice-ist

Actual Conversation between me and my friend

                                                                                                                                             my quote/ format jimmy365


What to do when Your Internet is Down:
1. Restart Device
2. Cry


i want a friend that I can share all my secrets with

        ^ Dirty Jokes


Rachael, we all love you. stay strong♥ nmf/ my quote

 I promised myself that I would never be like those anorexic girls, we learned about in health class
Turns out that I'm a better liar than I thought i was


He cheated on me again.....
- Says a 3rd grader



I gotta dig, bick

you that read wrong

the awkward when you read that wrong too

and said "moment" after awkward

this is awkward