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I am strong because I have people to protect. I almost gave up once, but then I realized the people I care about need me, just like I need them. Never give up, and always try your best. You cannot gain, without first giving something in return. No matter how great the pain, stand up and walk, keep moving forward. Believe in all of your strengths, and never grow impatient, for it brings uneasiness, and distracts the heart. Forget all your fears, walk forward, and never look back. You will encounter many hardships ahead, but everyone does. Do not feel discouraged, even in the toughest times. I'm willing to do anything humanly possible to protect the ones I love. We have to fight to live, it's our only life,  and the more the fight, the stronger we become. 


Quotes by CarCar27

And this is for all of those
who are about to close one chapter of your life
and begin a new one.
Congratulations Class of 2015
You made it.
Things can only get better from here on in.

The past is in the past
The only thing we can do
Is learn from it and move forward.

She dances like no one is watching
She sings like no one is listening
She smiles like she has no care
She keeps moving like there are no worries.
She's got strength that burns like a thousand suns
and nothing will keep her down.

Turn around, please don't frown,
the world is ours for the taking.
This is us, this is now
we'll take the world by storm
Head high, blue skies
it's time for a new beginning.
If you want to make someone happy,
make the right decision.
They were both cold, but she was colder.
They were both young, but she was younger.
They were both strong, but she was stronger.
We'll stand up for what we believe in
We won't back down till they see the reason
Even when she was knocked down,
she stood tall and proud.
With her held high
she told herself "Spread your wings and fly."
They were never meant to be,
Never in a million years.
But through the hardships and pain
One thing became clear.
One was never around,
And she was always there.
You're the one person I'd give anything for,
despite the hardships we went through,
I'll be here, always,
I'll do anything for you.