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Hi I'm Rhea, I'm from England lol jks I'm from my mothers anus~~
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"I like a girl who is spontaneos, bubbly
and has a good sense of humour

and is chattywith me."

- Louis Tomlinson



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How Many Days In a Year,
have you woke up with hope but only found tears?

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Creating scenarios in your head,

Y o u   x    w i s h    x    w o u l d     x    h a p p e n .
Then Remembering - They Never Do.

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Dear William and Kate,
If William is 100% royal and Kate is 0% royal, will that make your son the half-blood prince?
Just Curious


children in the dark,

cause accidents....

Accidents in the dark...

cause children...



The quote below me is a lie.

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Don't listen to the quote above me, he doesn't know what he's talking about...

double quote format by Breeze

Has anyone else noticed that
Miley Cyrus looks a lot like Hannah Montana?


me: *stays home* 
parents: why are you so lazy? get off your butt & do something with your life

me: *goes out* 
parents: omg you're out of control stop hanging out with those people & roaming the streets
me: *eats* 
parents: you are ruining your body with that garbage
me: *doesn't eat something* 
parents: we're getting really concered are you on a diet is there something you're not telling us? 
me: *exhales* 


This is for my best friend, who broke up with his girlfriend last night.
Do you know what you just did?  You were perfect together, everyone's told you before. So why did you do it? Why did you break her heart? She's an amazing girl. She was always smiling, she could always brighten someone's day with that smile. And now it's gone. Gone, because of you. My best friend. You were going out with her for over a YEAR. Do you even understand how much that's affected her? She's going through a rough time at the moment, and you made it even worse. She needed the one she loved the most to comfort her; that person was you.. But not anymore. You just destroyed a beautiful girl, for no reason. I hope you're happy.
Sincerely, your best mate, Matthew.


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