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I was given the letter K!

Something I like– Kangaroos!
Something I don't like –khaki's
Something that scares me– Killing...

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I wish I were Alice Cullen so that I could have seen you coming and saved myself all the broken hearts...

A promise can mean EVERYTHING ‚ but once it’s broken ‚ SORRY means NOTHING </3

you never know who you can trust. they could be kissing your throat one minute and and slitting it the next
When you first meet someone do you give them your world in hopes that they will see it the way you do? Do you give them your life with hopes they will want to be a part of it? Do you give them your heart with hopes they won't break it? any reasonable rational normal person would say "no".However I am not reasonable or rational and I am as far from normal as you can get.

it's not the end it's only a new beginning <3

I fell in love with YOU,not who you're pretending to be </3