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Hey Im Colton (:
Football - QB Ayee(;
Always here to talk. 
Not really good with explaining myself soo..
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...I just need someone. That wont give up on me. That will stick with me through thick and thin. That will start out as my best friend, and turn into my girlfriend. Someone who I can flirt with, be silly with, laugh and have a good time with. Who will let me call them babe, who will use ;) :) and <3 as much as I do.Ive been searching for so long. I just need someone that can be her.
Repost, bc I still havent found her 
whos got a kik? (; comment and ill kik you(;
Talk to me? (; 
Beautiful girls with an amazing & funny personality > anything
Why is it so hard to find a girl thats loyal & faithful & that wont cheat or flirt with other guys or lie or hurt me.. :/
Am I the only one that knows how to get on chat?
Why cant i just find a girl that just flirts with me and nobody else... :/
RIP Grandma Goldeng 1932-2012
     Gone but never forgotten.</3
Needing someone to talk tooo... comment on my profile or message me? (: 

---In need of a girl best fwiend(: