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I'm Rhyannan but please call me Rhino. I am currently 15 and living in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Aspiring singer/songwriter, with inspirations such as :

Mayday Parade;
Simple Plan;
Hollywood Undead;
All Time Low;
Sleeping With Sirens;
The Used;
Asking Alexandria;
Three Days Grace;

Naturally an easy going and strange, quirky person, I love to have fun and making people smile. In that case talk to me, I don't bite... that much. I also support LGBT rights, so if you don't well you deal with that.

If anyone wants to talk about anything I am here for you. No judgment just someone who will listen. I love each and everyone of you because you are all amazing and beautiful and perfect. KEEP SMILING!

Plus everyone should go follow Pia, she is amazayn. I love you!

   It'!! Scrolling BeoBThe greatest thing you will ever learn is to love and be loved in return...

Quotes by CrazedFangirl

I told my friend I tried to kill myself
She went on to tell me how much she cared
And made me promise to not try again
It's been three weeks since she last spoke to me
I don't think I can keep your promise.

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Don't worry about me though
I'm just the second choice


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LOOOLL JOKES! I don't have friends. I just have the internet and food but they're good enough. No wait, they are better than friends. Peasant!

So don't  fall in love,
there's just too much to lose
if give the choice, then,
I'm  begging  you choose 
to walk away, walk away
don't let her get you
I can't  bear to see the same
happen to you

f o r m a t j i m m y 3 6 5
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I was lost I thought you'd find me
I had fallen, thought  you'd catch me
But I hit the ground, broke into a million pieces
And now I've gone away...


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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi... how's it going? asl?

You: I effing hate my life .

Stranger: kill yourself

Your conversational partner has disconnected

The world we live in guys, yeah it sucks.

All  day, everyday I  fe el like
the wors t mis take..


and the  harde st part of liv i ng,

is just taking breaths to stay...


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You left me when I needed you most.
I needed someone to talk to,
To be there for me.
But you left.
That's okay though everyone leaves me
Everyone leaves when things get hard.
Silly me for thinking that
You may just be the one to stay.
You may be the one to save me.



It's funny how one word can bring you crumbling down again and push further down than before. Well, thanks for being the one who makes me start again.