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--About me--

Hey, i'm Ashley.

I'm 18 years old & a senior in high school. My birthday is July 11. (7/11 :D) 
I am Christian and i love to sing. I'm on my churchs' worship team & 
in my school's auditioned choir. :) I love to hang out with my friends, sing, and simply have fun. i absolutely hate: letting myself & others down, being stressed, and being lied to! Overall, im just a teenager who loves to have fun while living her life for her Lord and Savior. :) 

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"Faith is not knowing that God can, but knowing that God will"
  Phillipians 4:13 & Pslams 139:23

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My Best Friend, Rachel. :)






Quotes by Crazy_Singing_ChristianChick

I have a question. 
Whoever said that we had to be in a relationship?
Whoever said we had to obsess over someone?
Think about it. 

Don't go for a guy that
you know will hurt you. 
If you're scared or have a feeling,
you'll get hurt, that may mean

If he really likes you
and cares about you, he will
show you (actions speak louder than words).
Don't wait in apprehension for this "
guy to miracuously like you
and never want to hurt you.

Because the truth is, 

EVERYONE is going to hurt you.
You just have to find someone worth
pain & fighting for.
So, instead of living in fear,
find someone that's

worth the pain
I drive myself crazy thinking about you.
The way i feel about you is unreal 
I googled the definition of 'Love'
Apparently I love you  ..
I wonder if you're falling for me too 
When I'm with you,
                                       it's as if the whole world has
                                                                 Nothing else matters. 
Whenever I leave you,
My heart
screams and stomach
                                     twists and turns.
I wish I could always be with you.
I think i could be falling 
Stop looking for perfection ... 

Start seeking happiness