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Quotes by CustardKid

Me: *find's song on shuffle*
Me: *plays song on repeat for 3758027465 hours*
Me: I hate this song,it's so annoying.
~3 weeks later~
*finds same song on shuffle and repeats*


I'm really bored,so ask me things?:3
ask me things(:
The hardest thing in life is not regretting what you did do,
but regretting what you didn't.
So many things I wish you knew,
too many walls up I can't break through
Things change
People change
and sometimes we just have to learn to accept that.

If we're only ever looking back
we will drive ourselves insane
my format
Forever thinking of a good quote and coming up with something like
the grass is green.
yep,that will get me a top quote.
You take my hand 
and drag me head first, fearless
my format

It's so easy to give out compliments
yet so hard to accept them