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Hey, I'm Cayla.
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>>If you wish for
a life without pain,
you'll never see the
beauty of a
after the rain.<<
-Unknown <3
If "Plan A" didn't work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool.
ive been called ugly so im putting

this has my quote and who ever

likes it disagrees<3

Witty Profiles is not a dating site.
Stop flirting.


‎Tyler: Just go ask her out. Stop being a p*ssy. 
Me: I can't.. 
Tyler: Why?
Me: I'm scared..
Tyler: What's the worst that could happen? She say no? 
Me: Exactly..

Should i ask her out?  Like if yes, but comment why. I need a good reason, If no, comment why. 



Guess what? I DID IT. :3
I asked her. She said she's liked me since second grade! I'm excited now.
Thank's to all who convinced me to ask her out. Feels great not to wonder anymore. :P

don’t get hooked on me.
I’ll just use you and set you free.
so theres this girl at school.
                                                          i guess she doesnt have that many friends.

           I asked her for gum.
                                         she gave me a piece.


  now she thinks were besties.