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Sometimes its just that you need to let go, coz, holding on will just make it slip away...

Quotes by Dark_Thinker

I can't promise you my heart....
But I can defintely give you my loyalty ans soul
The best smiles are only possible when you have shed the worst tears...
I unconsciously touch my belly, 
Mention a new life,
My legs turn jelly.

Every once in a while
My thoughts take a turn towards your non-existent smile,
Wondering if you'd inherit,
Your daddy's baby blues,
Or my chocolate brown orbs,
With a definite twinkle in those eyes...

Wondering if you'd have those messy blonde hairs
That your daddy bears
Or my brunette locks 
That your father adores...

Wondering if you'd be, like your father, olive skinned
Which the sun has kissed
Or like me, with milk-chocolate skin
And your daddy's million dollar grin

But fate took your life from you
And you from me
Leaving behind a string of shattered hearts
Torn and broken apart
With no one to soothe the pain
That your lose has left to gain

Enveloped in Darkness
I drown in Sadness
The little ray of light I saw
Has moved on
The warmth gone
I am chilling to the bone
I let the numbness take over
As I let my feelings down the sewer
I know I am broken
Far away from being repaired
A heart heavy with grief
But the pain is brief
Even though it strives
I don't let it live
As I bury my emotions
Deep down the Earth
Never to be discovered
As I am damaged beyond repair
I feel the regret
Rush through me
As I see
You leave
The nest we made
With memories that I'll never forget...

I breathed in your scent,
Even after you left,
It remained.
I played back those memories,
Even though you left,
They made up my misery.
I remembered your kiss,
Even if you left,
Its what I miss.
I still felt your touch,
Even after you left,
They still made my skin tingle much.
Even though its you who left me,
To rot and damage,
It will always be you 
Who I'll miss,
Who I'll love
Damn its been hard
Without you I’m afraid to tread
Even poison seems like sweet bread
Even breathing seems a tiresome task
Long gone your warmth in which I used to bask
Long gone your assuring voice which calmed all my tremors
Long gone the soothing light of your eyes
Which burned a hole through my heart
Long gone your strong arms
Which protected me from all those harms
Long gone your shoulders
Which soaked my tears as heavy as boulders
Long gone that smile
Which made me see stars
Even less than a mile.
The darkness in the daylight
My abode, the night
I do nothing right
Demon being the right word
I am dark angel in thy world.
The ray of sunshine
The light of divine
Being to the perfection of white and pristine
An angel from above
Sent by Him with love...
Then how can we be?
Its either you or me.
In a fight the protector and the destroyer
Neither of our love for the other can be the survivor.
It was dumb for me to even think
That our love could win
Coz in the battlefield
I was made to kill the world
And you were made to kill me for my blood.
I simply stood there,
Watching from a distance.
He still had seen me yet,
And was obvious to my presence.
I didn't have the courage to approach him,
Coz facing him was one of my biggest fears.
So, I hid in the shadows,
Just staring at how he walked and gave everyone that heart stopping smile.
I know I must have looked like a creep.
But to me, it didn't matter,
Coz, all I wanted to do was,
Keeping on gazing at him
And see that heart warming grin of his....