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I am obsessed with Hayden Christensen and know him in real life. (He's amazing)
When I was little I prounounced Spagetti 'basketi'

The first time I ever rode a roller coaster was when I was nine, and I loved it!

I have three dogs, Trixie, Chloe and Susie. They're all tiny, and all of them are either full-bred dauchshound or have it in their blood.

My favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars, Death Note and Kodomo No Jikan

I love to sing, play piano, guitar and drums. 

I have a deathly fear of the ocean and cars. 

My favorite time of day is right before the sun rises, when it's just starting to get light, and when it's still cool from the night. 

My favotite food is Pringles potato chips.

My favorite movies are The Adventures of Tintin and the Harry Potter movies

My favoorite book is The Lottery Rose

If my life was a movie, it would be eight hours long and people would fall asleep after the first thirty seconds of it.

My favorite colors are black, grey and purple

My favorite flower would be the black rose

I only have one really close friend, the kind I would tell anything.
I hate the smell of charcoal, cigarett smoke, and anything else repulsive.
My favorite words in the dictionary would be rendezvous and totalitarianism

The thought, feel, or sight of blood freaks me out
I hate sand and water, is it weird that I live on an island?
My grandfather is the mayor of our village
The thought of getting a tan in any way disgusts me
I hate the smell of cleaners of any kind, except laundry detergent
Shadows mess with my mind
I am 5'1"
I am 15
I weigh 85 pounds
I look exactly like my mother did when she was my age
I have a twin
My eyes are green(that's right, in the Disney movies, I'd be a bad guy, erm, girl...)


Quotes by DawnRaven

My dad told me that he
noticed how dark my hair is.

I'm smarter 



than I let on to be.


Next time
I'll break him
Before he breaks me
Spencer Hastings has like.... NO boobs.
Just sayin'.
Rosewood - Where everyone's on their period. 
I major at turning away cute guys when we talk
because I'm scared they're going to say
"I've been messing with your feelings this whole time"
Pretty Little Liars - Every new character is creepy and an automatic suspect.
Please don't hurt me.
I stayed up until six AM last night
Got up at seven-thirty. 
I got an hour and a half of sleep.
An hour if you count the thirty minutes I lay awake before I fell asleep.
Google translate app: Do you want to translate this page?
Me: Nope. I don't need English translated.
Google translate app: Well how 'bout I just do it for ya anyway!
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