Status: Lightning only strikes once, and when it hits, you know.
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Hey There(:
The Names Dayna.
Im 15 Years Old.
I live in Texas, lived there all my life, yes i have an accent(:
I love to write.
I love the band Framing Hanley<3 The reason for my background song(:
Well i just wrote a bunch of stuff about me that no one actually cares about soooo...
If you have a wattpad, could you please check out mine? Thanks!
My Wattpad: http://wattpad.com/TragicallyBeautifulx


Quotes by himynamesdayna*

No one if the world is truly happy. We all have a pit of sadness waiting for the right moment to drown us.
I come from you're not trying hard enoughs,
and just try your best. 
why stop dreaming when you wake up?
Something like fateā™„
Wanna know who your true friends are?
Act brok
I'm a smart person,
I just do stupid things. 

I keep coming back like a boomerang. 
Every girl has that one boy she will never lose feeling for. 
Don't be sorry. I trust you. My mistake not yours. 
And now i'll do whats best for me.