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My ex updated his facebook status to 
"standing on the edge of a cliff"

. . . so i poked him.

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Fav this if you've already had your first kiss

Comment if you haven't had your first kiss yet

"I went to the Virgin Islands,
Now it's just called 'The Islands'".
-Harry Styles



on a bridge for my girlfriend,

but since she didn't show up

i spent the rest of the night kicking those candles into the water as i was very upset


- Harry Styles 


Format credit to ThatsSoMee/Credit to OneDirection

So apparently two girls wanted a photo with Liam today, but told Niall to go away, but Liam kept hold of Niall while taking the photo

 Liam is a freaking sweetheart
Someone needs to hit those girls with metal spoons

(sorry for the 1D quote)

Fell Off The Bed.

Face First.

10  S t i t c h e s .

Huge Scar On Forehead.

T o t a l l y   G o i n g   T o   S t a r t   T e l l i n g   P e o p l e 
M y   P a r e n t s   D i e d   F i g h t i n g   V o l d e m o r t .


Your teeth remind me of
a song

oh what's it called again? Oh yeah, it's called
 black and   yellow
credit to my friend scott 


one day i want to tape your mouth shut and
♥ rip it off so you scream 
Girl: I have a question for you
Boy: alright ask me..
*short pause*
Girl: what do you see when you look in my eyes?
Boy: you honestly wanna know...?
Boy: my future...