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I love, love, LOVE Harry Potter.
I haven't got many friends but it's the quality that counts.
I've had my heart broken once, and I'm in no mood to have it happen again.

Quotes by Dollface22

The best dreams I've ever had are the ones I'll never share with anyone
We lay in blackness so old and weary unquiet and waiting Gushing darkness
Turns to dim amber dying fireflies   Oh so deep we´ll embrace you to sleep With our bitter lullaby Come my child and join these hands Come my child and join this chant   What if we rise?
What if we rise from the Underliving? Dormant in the corner of your eyes Always there
Always hidden to your sight In denial wearing a disguise We're not living but we do feel alive What if we rise?
What if we rise from the Underliving?   We´ll entice you, we´ll lead you astray We might like you, point the right way We will lure you. We love to play With our favourite toys Our favourite games Silhouettes in a shadowplay You ignore we control Every thought you spare   Oh we sing with the voice of the wind Wearing our torn and foggy shroud And thus we hold world´s invisible strings   Leave not trace and leave no sound Veiled unseen we swarm around   Worn and tired withering, waning Old as time in a void so vast We lay in blackness so old and weary Gushing darkness turns to dim amber dying fireflies But what if we rise...?  
Our love story
Could be kind of gory
Far from boring
We'd meet at a post-apocalypse.
   I'd be slowly walking
In a group stalking you
You'd be the only man alive that I could not resist
You'd be hiding in a second floor apartment 
Knockin' all the stairs down
To save your life
From the undead
  Double barrel shotgun
Taking out the slow ones
Then you'd see the passion burning in my eye
And I'd keep my head  

Then all of your friends, they'd try to kill us
But only because, they'd be jealous
That our love is deeper than Edward and Bella's

And I'd try not to bite and infect you
Because I respect you too much 
That's why I'd wait until we got married 
And our happiest days would be spent
Picking off all your friends 
Then they'd see a love this deep
Won't stay buried
If I were a zombie
I'd never eat your brain.
I'd just want your heart 
 'Cause I want ya.  
Looking at me
Tell me, what do you see?
Yes, I've lost my mind... 
Looking at me
Will I ever be free?
Have I crossed the line?  
If only
If only
If only
If only
If only
If I ever do...
I wish that I could be like the cool kids
Cuz all the cools kids
They seem to fit in
I wish that I could be like the cool kids
Like the cool kids
I just saw that Coca-Cola Superbowl commercial with "America the Beautiful" sung in different languages.
 I found it inspiring and it really captured what America is today.
I don't get why so many people complained about how it wasn't sung only in English. NEWS FLASH: Not every American is white and speaks English as their first language. It's been like that for years and it's time to accept it.
The wishes I've made are too vicious to tell
Everyone knows that I'm going to hell
The Devil, already, he knows me so well
And if it's true... I'll go there with you