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Quotes by DonggaBieber

Dear hair,
Can you please just grow on eyebrows and heads?
The ones on my legs and hands are bothering me.

We all have that one teacher,
Who no one pays attention to XD
People : Never call a girl fat.
Me: How about we don't call anyone fat?
That feeling when you don't even bother studying.
Cause you know you'll fail anyway.
If she cuts, don't scream at her.
You're making her feel worst.
If you can't be there for her,
shut up and walk away.
Girls dress up for themselves.
Their own confidence.
Please don’t bullsh.t and rain on their parade.
Teacher: People who cheat usually fail.

Mom: *talking to dad* 
Mom: Let’s go far far away from the children 
Me: Then you’ll call the house every 2 seconds -_-
She fakes all the smiles.

To stop all the questions.