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Sons of Anarchy. 

People always ask me why I want to be a Marine.
Im a girl, so of course they doubt me.

It has been a dream of mine since i was 4 years old.
ALL my uncles were marines, which played a big role.
But the truth is i want to fight for my country,
and i will. People say i wont do it because im a girl
they say ill get hurt and i should give up
Wait until i prove to you i am good enough.




A lyric that describes me most...........................

Keep holding on

~ Avril Lavigne 


102 Minutes that Changed America
Remembering those who died
Gone but never forgotte

This quote does not exist.

TODAY IS 9/11/11:

1o years ago, 2 planes crashed into the World Trade Centers killing hundred of innocent people.
 America still shakes today at that tragedy 
hundreds of people lost family memebers and friends, 
let's take a moment of our day, 
to fave this quote 
for all those people


Friends are always there for you and family should be too. Unfortunately that isn't the case; Some people have had to make their own family. To those of you who have thank you for everything you know that family is not all about blood.
Fav if you agree


                true heroes
dont wear capes
    & underwear over their pants
true heroes
wear dogtags 
              &combat boots
I fall three times as hard
If it's from nothing at all
You all seem t w i c e as
tall as I will ever be 

 - - - starving your friends - envy on the coast.