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Quotes by Eli22b

 Is "in a mood" a personality because thats what i am all the time.


If Britney Spears made it through 2007 you can make it through today.

So the government can shut down but school cant
Do you ever just walk down the hall and you can feel people
looking at you and its the most amazing feeling ever like i can tell i am slowly sucking the soul from your body you cant look away i have you in a trance.


Happy National coming out day!


1. Me

2. Not you

can u not pls & thxs

*in global*
Teacher: I heard that when they hike Mt. Everest they just leave the dead people.
Teacher: So if you're ever hiking mount everest...
 Me: Bring someone you dont like.
Teacher: Bring someone you dont like?!?! WELL DONT GO HIKING WITH HIM!!

If you ever think your life is awkward just know me and my
current/ex crush(its confusing) have 3 classes together in a row and
we make awkward eye contact like 4 times on a daily basis.