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Hey yall,Im Emily. 14. California girl. Christian. ILoveJesusAndGod.  
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Witty guy bestfriend; Grgryy
Witty girl bestfriend; anniemariee love My mom,dad,sister,bestfriends Alexis,Andromeda,Brigette,Amber,Tara,Bridget,Annie. I love every single one of you <3
Im in love with this panda <3 Hes so cute(:

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Emily, you are the most amazing person on this planet. <3
You are freakin' hilarious, and always there for anyone who needs attention.
Out of the 8 years I've known you, I would have to say you're one of the loudest people I know.
But, you are my best friend.
My beautiful, funny, OH GODDAMN.
My cat jumped on my crotch and I almost peed my pants.
Anyway, I love you babe, and I'm always here for you if you need to talk to me.  <3
-Alexis. c':

This is Justin Bieber.
Emily is my wife, so everybody can back off ;)
Emily is amazing and really nice.
Her glasses are AWESOME
If you're not following her, you should.
-AustinH <33

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I need yalls help! Me and my boyfriend are going to the Sadie Hawkins dance,if you dont know what it is,its a dance where you dress the same and girls ask guys. Anyways, the theme is "Perfect Pairs" (ex. Minnie and Mickey,Barbie and Ken etc.) If you have any cute or funny ideas,comment on this quote or on my profile. Thanks, Love you guys. 
xoxo, Emily(:

if you have 35+.. you're spoiled...

[] own car
[x] cell phone
[X] own phone line
[X] bf/gf
[] own bathroom
[x] own room
[] 2 or more story house
[] built-in pool
[]guest house
[] game room/play room
[X] tv in your room
[] queen size bed
[] more than 20 pairs of shoes
[X] 10+ things from a designer store
[x] good grades
[] Dior sunglasses
[] louis vuitton purse
[x] iPod
[] PS3
[] mp3 player

8 Total.

You or your family has...
[] Mercedes Benz
[] BMW
[] basketball hoop
[] air hockey table
[] pool table
[] ping pong table
[] trampoline
[] live ON a lake or pond
[] own a pair of skiis
[] own a snowboard
[] has a boat
[] has a jet ski
[] has a beach house/ cabin

8 Total

[] only child
[] stereo system in bedroom
[] DVD player in bedroom
[x] 100+ dvd's
[] gets $50+ for allowance each month (not allowance but for helping with work)
[X] goes shopping every month...or every week
[X] shops at abercrombie
[] goes snowboarding/ skiing every weekend
[x] makeup
[x] perfume
[] AIM
[] MSN
[] 5+ trophies
[x] own digital camera
[] walk-in closet

14 Total.

[X] electric scooter
[] dirt bike/quad
[X] 4X4 truck
[] guitar/drums

[] hammock
[X] been on a cruise
[X] traveled out of the country
[] weight set/ workout set in house
[] personal fit trainer
[x] expensive jewerly
[] met a celeb
[x] straightener/curling iron
[] gets hair done/nails/spas
[] on/was on a varsity team for the school
[] own batting cage
[] 100+ in wallet/ purse right now
[] own savings account
[x] 1+ BEST friends
[] been to the carribean
[] been to europe.
[] been to hawaii
[X] been to NY

22 Total.

[X] shopped in seattle
[X] eaten at the space needle in seattle
[] been on the eiffel tower in paris
[] been on the statue of liberty in NY
[] been on the honor roll for 2+ years
[] went on a trip for sweet sixteen birthday
[] lives on a private property
[] license
[X] moved 3+ times
[] sports car
[] hot tub
[x] pet(s)
[] ranch

[x] at&t
[] verizon
[] cingular
[] Sprint
[] virgin mobile / other
[x] been to 5+ states in the US.
[x] dont have a job.

29 Total.

[] 100+ friends on facebook
[] alarm clock
[X] home-cooked meal almost everyday
[] eat-out almost everyday
[] been in a limo
[] your own camcorder
[X] your own laptop
[] your own desktop

31 Total

Overall Total 31

are you spoiled?
[] yes
[] no.
[x] close

Tonight has been the best,he asked me to be his <3 He makes me smile and laugh and gives me butterflies <3 i love him so much (: <3
Quiz Time

1. Are you going to be honest? Yes

2. age? Fourteen
3. Are you the same as you were last year? I guess
4. height? 5'7'
5. music? Hunter Hayes((:
6. what would you change about yourself? Weight. 
7. What do you want? Justin bieber (;

8. Favorite band? One Direction
9. favorite color? Pink(:
10. favorite song? As Long As You Love Me- Justin bieber ft. Big Sean
11. favorite person? Caleb,Amber,Abbie,Mike
12. favorite food? Anything edible 
13. favorite drink? Arizona Blueberry Tea

14. Girlfriend? Nahh
15. what do you notice first about a girl? Eyes
16. what do you look for? Im Straight
17. are you more attracted to Sporty or "scene" girls? Im Straight
18. Are you crushing on anyone right now? Yes,mike
19. First kiss? I was 13 and with my ex

20. Do you have a best friend? Yes
21. How many close friends do you have? 7
22. Have you lost anyone in the past year? Yup.
23. Have you made any new friends this year? Yup.
24. Who do you have the best memories with? Amber 
25. Do you miss anyone right now? Yes.
26. If you could fix things with one person who would it be? Grant,Parker.

27. worst habit? Being too insecure.
28. How's life? It can go suck a d*ck
29. Are you outgoing? It depends who I'm around.
30. What do you say a lot? HAHAHA. Im hungry. He would never like a girl like me.
31. Talents? Being insecure,being boy crazy
32. Favorite quote? "No, I'm not drunk or high. Believe it or not,this is my personality."
33. Something your struggling with? Being insecure
34. Favorite memory? Disneyland with Amber
35. Something you miss? Where you wouldnt get judged on how you dress
36. Something you want? Justin bieber,One direction,Michael Phelps,Tom Daley,Sam Mikulak,Chris Brooks,Chris Mares,Jack Laugher, Matt Whitlock, Josh Dalton, Hungary Gyurta, Ryan Lochte,Connor Dwyer, and Ricky Berens in my bed.

37. Something your looking forward to? HUNGER GAMES ♥
38. Addiction? BOYS.
39. Something you love? Jenna Marbles. ♥
40 Something you can't live without? Air.
1-crushs on: Omar
2-best girl friends: Amber,Abbie
3-best guy friends: Caleb,Watts
4- last person called: Amber
5-last person commented to: ? 
6- last person hugged: Amber
7-favorite drink: Lemonade
8- favorite color: Pink
9- someone who makes you smile: Omar,amber,abbie,caleb,watts 
10-last person you texted: Michael
11-someone who makes you laugh: Amber 
12-favorite song: Wanted- Hunter Hayes
13-someone you've known the longest: Amber
14-favorite band: One direction
15-favorite store: Azkaraaa
16-girl you can trust with anything: Abbie,Amber 
17-boy you can trust with anything: Caleb
18-someone you miss: Omar
19-middle name: Payne
20. what your doing now: crying. 

I dont know what to do.
Ive liked a boy since 7th grade,and I'm going into 9th grade. 
Hes one of my favorite people at the school.
Every morning I would get to see that cute smile of his,and that amazing smile and adorable eyes.
I had 2 classes with him
Science and math.
Math being my favorite class because thats when me and him talk most.
He likes to say loudly in the class "Emily text me back!" and the teacher doesnt do anything.
So I check my texts,and it says "Will you go out with me? I like you alot."
And what do I do? 
I look at him from across the room and say "NO!"
And my friend Jada knows that I like him and she starts freaking out and she thinks hes serious,and I know he isnt. So that happens during the whole class,and while im doing homework in class him and his friend come up behind me and omar goes "Please go out with me." and i still say "no." finally the class ends and i get out of the class as fast as i can. The day slowly goes by and at the end of school I go on my phone and start a text to him saying "why were you asking me out in class?" 
And he quickly responds saying "I was kidding. I wouldnt like a girl like you." 

Yet after all of that,i still like him. 

I don't just want a guy...
I want a guy who will Mean Girls with me 100 times and quote the sayings I love just to see me laugh and smile.
I want a guy who will send me silly pictures not dirty ones.
I want a guy who will buy me stuffed animals
I want a guy who will bake with me and we end up having a food fight with the flour
I want a guy who will like my friends 
I want a guy who will hold my hand wherever we go
I want a guy who will give me his jacket when im cold
I want a guy who will love me for me
I want a guy who will bring me slurpees when im sick
but mostly, I want a guy who will fall for me,like i will fall for him.
Is that to hard to find?


What if he actually did like you but he wanted you to make the first move.


Which member of One Direction are you most like?

Harry Styles:
[] you have curly hair
[x] you're cheeky and flity
[] you have dimples
[] you have a British accent
[] you talk slowly
[] you're the youngest of your friends
[] you love white Converse
[] your favorite food is tacos
[] you have green eyes
[x] you're under 6ft
[] you love wearing blazers
[] you have a great voice

Louis Tomlinson:
[x] you have straight hair
[] you love to wear stripes
[] you love pants that end above the ankle
[x] you own at least 1 pair of Toms
[x] you have blue eyes
[] you have a British accent
[] you're the oldest of your friends
[x] you're sassy, outgoing and crazy
[] you love to sing
[] you love people who eat carrots

Zayn Malik:
[x] you have amazing eyelashes
[] you have black or dark brown hair
[x] you can be very quiet
[] you're mysterious and the 'badboy/badgirl' of your group
[x] you have piercings
[] you're the 'devil' of your friends
[x] you love varsity jackets
[] you have great fashion senses
[x] you have a catch phrase
[] you hate dancing
[] you're vain
[] you use hair products
[] you like to rap
[] you like to sing solos

Liam Payne:
[x] you change your hairstyle constantly
[x] you've had your hair straight and curly before
[x] you're sweet as can be
[x] you work hard to make people happy
[x] you love to be on Twitter and do twitcams
[] you love wearing plaid
[x] you can pull off a closed or open-mouthed smile
[] you have a signature dance move
[x] you love Disney films
[] you love singing
[] you have a British accent
[x] you're like the 'father/mother' of your friends
[x] you take care of the people you love

Niall Horan:
[x] you have amazing hair
[x] you have an Irish accent
[x] you bleach or dye your hair
[x] you're a hat person
[x] you have rosy red cheeks
[x] you love sneakers
[x] you LOVE to eat food
[x] you like guitars
[x] you're funny/like funny people
[x] you have blue eyes
[x] you have/have had braces
[] you like to eat sweets for breakfast
[] you hate Disney films
[] you can do an Irish jig
[x] you love Liam
[] you love to sing
Harry: 2
Louis: 4
Zayn: 5
Liam: 9
Niall: 12

Most like Niall♥(: