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If you get too close to snapping turtles they will bite you If you get too close to a pmsing girl she will kill you

Did You Realize? 
I sit here alone,
wishing to share this moment
with you. 
Sitting here in darkness...
its  depressing you know?
That even though you had loved me so
that love dissapeared. Right into thin air.
and you say it was just you
that you're decition was the one made.
Did you realized
you made up my mind too?
how low you made me sink?
how hard depression would grab me?
How unable I am to excape its grasp?
how unable I am
to forget you... 

Don't say you fell out of love with me! I thought that was impossible....

What happens when I still love you but you moved on without me?
Hey boys! Remeber that behind every stong girl. There is a broken heart that needs mending. 
Whenever I think of you i SMILE A LOT! but i know i dont have that privlage anymore..... pshhh not like that stops me from wishing 
I know i need to get over you

but losing you would break me into a thousand pieces.

and I don't think I can handle that.
you said i was perfect. that i was always better than you. I told you that you were better, and that I dreaded the day you realized I wasnt perfect. that i wasnt worth it. when you did realize. even though i  knew it was coming. I still cried. and now I cry myself to sleep at night wishing you were still mine. 
The problam isnt that i dont want to get over you. The problam is that   1. i cant live without you 2. the memmories haunt me