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heller uh my name is Bre and i have two older sisters and only one of them have a profile but follow my sister EpicTrouble
Hello, awkward penguins! You're all ugly! I'm just kidding! Cat loves you guys! Now, go be awesome by looking through... this profile... I guess... I am the epic one just remember that!

-Cat ;)

Quotes by EpicGal5150

ok here we go this is a real story
well this guys that used to babysit us he needs to be in jail because he stealing from everyone because he is an a$$hole and then he stole from my little coisins ok well this is my ciosins moms story of him stealing from stealing from them well they called him and they were moving to tumpumcarry and so they needed help packing and so they told their mom tp pack the trampaline and then she did but he got it put it in his truck and then he didnt give it back but yet their was parts missing out of my ucle donnies truck dont you agree that he should be in jail?

yeah me the freinds next weekened i am going to chill and no friend or anything 
ok does anyone know when the Portales home coming dance is? If you do then could you please comment on this quote please
ok there was a guy in school he asked me if we were still dating i said no we never were dating and he said oh ok do you want to go out with me i said no thanks i like a nother guy and he said well then ok bye! and today he keep doing that gun thing with his toughge out what does this mean?
i hate the fact that i am breathing!!
comment on this quote if you knew that cats can pop bubbles
i went to daycare with my mom today cause she works there and the guy that i like and he likes me and when we both walked though the door there is my future wife and husband

if you like a guy you shall like this quote (kreepy voice) muhahahaha
         so um idk what i am going to say uh follow me and i follow back just um comment and we can chatand see if i want to follow you or not
so i just got home from my dads house and i am now home with my sister EpicTrouble and am happy and i feel comfurtable